Area Preparation Checklist

Checklist for area preparation

Some considerations:

When you are preparing for a virtual tour or 360 video shoot, you should keep in mind that your camera should focus on everything where a person is moving till the limit of his sight. Las Vegas 3D Tours has an immersive quality, and the customer should make sure that the cameras present everything in the best manner. During this process, there should be no rush of people except the Las Vegas 3D Tours team or any other pre-selected technical staff or a volunteer. There may be hard to control places, and you should assign the responsibility of keeping the people away to a person so that there are no other people on the site. It is the responsibility of shooters to facilitate the process so that it is done smoothly and full efficiency and professionalism is demonstrated. It is not the responsibility of Las Vegas 3D Tours to clean the site or move the rubbish from the spaces. All the related persons are accountable for this. They need to prepare the site for a photo shoot. You should do it beforehand. You should follow the checklist.

Camera guidelines


You should understand that we always try to avoid capturing something in mirrors and the reflected places. In some cases, it becomes impossible to prevent it. Matter port is a factual shooting system. It means we cannot avoid the things that are lying in the room, and after shots are taken, we cannot remove these things due to some technical limitations. So you need to move or hide the things before we start capturing process. We may not be responsible afterward.

Outdoor shots:

With The Insta360 One X camera, we can shoot the indoor spaces. The outdoor filming in 3D is subject to direct sunlight and surrounding weather. There may be some bugs due to IR and UV light, and there may be a chance of misalignment. If you want an outdoor shot, the best time is dawn or dusk; during this time, our camera may perform better. If there is an issue with a 3 D scan, we may replace it with a 360-degree panoramic view to capture. If it is necessary to shoot an outdoor space, the best choice for the purpose is the Lexica BLK360 scanner, for this type of project. But you will be charged with additional costs.

Thank you.


All other doorways must be closed except that they are necessary to move between the shooting areas.

You need to evacuate the staff along with vehicles from the property that needs to be captured.

You should remove the trash such as garbage bin that needs not captured and place them away.

Outdoor furniture should be kept in the arrangement.

Remove grass and weeds form a crack in the floor.

Ensure appropriate and updated signage.

There should be no unwanted appliance in the area.

If the process is done during business hours, you should inform the guests and visitors to stay away.


You should keep the leading doors open all other unwanted space doorways closed.

You should switch on lights that may include lamps, under counter light and stove lighting.

Remove the bulbs that are out of order.

If the drapes and blinds offer an excellent review open them

The downward blinds should have equal angles

You need to remove all personal items including photos, art decorations, jeweler and other private items that should not be seen by others

Open the doors that you want to make the part of the photo shoot. Close all unrelated areas

You should hide the cords and unplug them all except lights

Switch off your TV, or it should be in single-image mode.

Hide the clutter

Hanging mirrors should be removed from the area, or there should be tall potted plants ahead. It is crucial for keeping the camera away from mirrors.

You should inform us if some rooms and spaces need to be captured from outdoor.

You should place all the items that are removed in a cabinet and choose an area that may not be a part of a photo shoot. It is necessary to take care as the camera may capture everything that is before it. Place no rubbish outside the window.